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When you come to Claibourne Counseling, you’ll likely see our Office Manager, Ryan King. His role is both client-facing and behind-the-scenes. Ryan aims to facilitate the best experience for the clients and the Claibourne team as a whole. He’s an approachable, genuine human with great compassion – and a master at helping us all thrive positively and productively.

Hailing from the tiny town of Colcord, Oklahoma, Ryan learned his values and work ethic growing up on a farm. This winning attitude allowed him to earn his bachelor’s in psychology with a minor in business administration from Northeastern State University – all the while working and helping to care for his family. Apart from Ryan’s customer service and management roles, he served as a camp counselor for kids aged 6 to 18, gaining transformative insights into the profound effects that counseling and mentorship can have on an individual’s life.

Through his passion for all things media and videography, Ryan found a love for Arizona and moved here to pursue all the amazing adventures our sunny state offers. He loves getting out and flying drones, hiking nearby landmarks, and engaging in the lively downtown Phoenix culture. Ryan’s interest in psychology also extends into nutritional psychology where he actively embraces a healthy lifestyle – including nutrition, regular exercise, and the pursuit of his NASM personal trainer certificate. Working with Claibourne aligns well, as he can assist people while they pursue a healthier, happier path.

Ryan King, Office Manager

Ryan King

Office Manager

Bachelors Psychology
Northeastern State University

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