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Anxiety & Stress Reduction

anxiety counselor scottsdaleSometimes our BASELINE is STRESS!!

It is the 21st century, and everything moves at the speed of light. For some of us, we don’t really know anything other than constant, never-ending stress.

Everyone sees you as the one who has it all together – you are strong, smart, capable – you can handle it all. And you do!

You may be the go-to person at the office and holding down the fort at home; meeting all the deadlines and exceeding everyone’s expectations. But, damn, you’re tired.

Listen, everyone has a limit.

You’re not Superman or Superwoman. You can’t take care of everything and everyone all the time without it wearing you down both physically and mentally.

Next thing you know, you’re having heart palpitations, eating irregularly, going grey faster than you should be. Sometimes it may feel like you’re holding on for dear life, and all you want to do is run away and hide.

Humans were not meant to handle chronic stress…

stress reduction counselor scottsdaleStress can also lead to anxiety!

“Wait a minute,” you might be wondering, “Aren’t they the same thing?”

Anxiety is when stress goes to the next level. We may begin to feel distrustful of everything – waiting for the other shoe to drop. We have more bad days than good and are in a constant state of fear. That fear starts to color our relationships and how we look at and respond to everything in life.

To say anxiety is uncomfortable is an understatement. It’s sometimes like we are screaming on the inside, and our system gets physically overridden. No matter how much logic or rationale we want to bring to our thinking, it’s tough to find the way to make that happen.

Our emotional mind takes control, leaving us constantly feeling on edge. It could be caused by a big event, a stressful conflict, or even a frustrating text message. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere. However big or small the cause, the feeling is undeniable. It’s AWFUL!

When our anxiety gets out of control, it becomes “disordered anxiety.”

Did you know that 30% of adults experience some form of disordered anxiety in their lifetime?

Feelings of tense anticipation or nervousness are normal responses to certain things in life. It is a natural part of our fight-or-flight response system that can be positive in helping us assess danger and provide a surge of energy to handle an attack when needed. However, when your anxiety level is too high too often, it can negatively affect your daily life.

Disordered anxiety can be caused by many things, including overwhelming stress, past traumas, and physical health problems. You may have irrational beliefs about yourself, or the world that you may not even be aware of that are heightening your defenses and overriding your calm. EMDR is one therapy modality that has been found to be highly effective in treating anxiety disorders, phobias, OCD, and panic attacks.

Boundaries are key players in reducing stress and anxiety.

Ongoing stress and anxiety can lead to lack of focus, irritability, resentment, unhealthy coping behaviors, and serious health problems. Extreme amounts of prolonged stress (which causes increased cortisol levels) can lead to high blood pressure, insomnia, headaches, a weakened immune system, and even heart attacks. Some changes can help you find relief…

What are a few things you can start saying “no” to instead of always saying “yes”?

We can help you sort out what is important and what you may be able to begin doing differently so that you can afford some time for self-care – yes, we mean some time for YOU!

best anxiety therapist ScottsdaleTherapy can work to get to the root of your stressors, so you can have less anxiety and start feeling more yourself again.

In therapy, you’ll find yourself in a safe place where you can begin to unravel the mysteries that are causing these anxious fears.

We’ll devise plans to manage unwanted thoughts and begin to change the core beliefs that are ruling your current stressful reactions. We’ll work together on setting and maintaining healthy boundaries and to help you find the confidence and freedom you’ve been seeking.

We invite you to take the next step…

Reach out today to set up a no-cost, no-obligation phone call where we can discuss therapy options to reduce your feelings of chronic anxiety and stress: (480) 485-8824.