mental health, therapy, counseling and psychology terms glossary

Anxiety, Stress & Pressure

Pressures are what we have all experienced in the daily demands of living our lives – these include expectations to perform well in school and work and to provide for our families. When we feel something is important to ourselves and others and we know we are expected to deliver it, we feel pressure. Pressure can be good as it can be a great motivator when things are in reach and under control.

However, when we begin to feel that we do not have the ability or the resources to successfully meet our demands, we begin to shift into stress. Stress is the brain’s way of signaling a threat – even if the threat isn’t tangible or real – and being overwhelmed with our responsibilities can certainly cause stress. A physical response to stress includes tense muscles, rapid heart rate, and alertness – this allows you to fight or flee quickly should the threat require it.

Anxiety is a stress that persists even after the stressor has subsided. Anxiety is a persistent worry which causes ongoing symptoms of stress in the body and mind. Because the body is not meant to maintain this heightened state of alertness for extended periods, it is important to address Anxiety and work to alleviate it with improved mindfulness and coping skills.

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