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Bullying or Being Bullied

Bullying is a form of abuse typically seen with children and teens; however, individuals of any age can be bullied, especially over the internet.  

What are some types of bullying?

Bullying may involve physical altercations like pushing, tripping, or beating but more often it is done verbally. The bully seeks to exert control over another by taunting, shaming, teasing, stealing, or spreading false rumors.

When someone takes actions to make another feel bad about themselves, that is bullying.

Bullying is harmful because it causes low self-esteem and isolation – reduced participation in class lends to poor grades and may lead to depression, anxiety, and even suicide. Therapists can work with bullies to help overcome the reasons why they are hurting others, and they can also help the child who was bullied to heal from the traumas caused by abusive behaviors.

Bullying is against the law and should be reported if a school-age child is involved. Read about the anti-bullying laws and steps you can take at

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