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Burnout is what happens when the candle has been burning at both ends for too long. People experiencing burnout have a hard time performing up to the usual level and struggle to find the motivations that were typically available before. Our bodies and minds can handle a lot, but pushing everything to the max for prolonged periods can overstress the entire system and cause burnout.  

Burnout tends to grow over time and can sneak up on a person when it reaches high levels. Some emotional signs include irritability, listlessness, lack of focus, and disillusionment with career and responsibilities. Physical symptoms can manifest as stomach issues, headache, fatigue, sleeplessness, and lowered immune response. It is not uncommon for an individual experiencing burnout to turn to excessive alcohol or drug use to cope.

The best thing to do with burnout is to recognize the signs and ask for help. If it is job burnout, a conversation with a supervisor may be effective. If it is parental burnout, perhaps other family members or friends would be helpful if reached out to. Exercise, sleep, mindfulness practices, and therapy are all great options when it comes to overcoming burnout.

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