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Can a Therapist Diagnose Mental Health Disorders?

Yes, a therapist can diagnose a client with things like clinical depression, chronic stress, or anxiety disorder. However, there are particular diagnoses that a therapist may still refer you to a psychologist for further testing, like those on the Autism Spectrum.

What is a mental health disorder?

A mental health disorder, or a mental illness, can be any range of mental health conditions that affect a person’s emotions, thinking, behavior, feelings, or mood.

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How to get started with counseling

We’ll start by arraging a free phone consultation with you an one of our trusted thereapist. You'll briefly discuss your needs and decide if you'd like to process with booking a session. Many clients opt for a combination of online and in-office sessions; others choose one or the other as their schedule demands - we offer both to suit your needs!

We offer online therapy to Arizona residents and in-person therapy for those in the Scottsdale are - and we are currently accepting new clients.

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