And you thought screen-time was an issue before!?

Child & Teen Therapy in Scottsdale, AZ

Everyone is navigating new waters…

Kids already struggle with a lot, just trying to be kids and figuring out life in general.

Now, any sense of routine they once knew has flipped upside-down and there is no real answer for when things will get “back to normal” or if they will ever be the same again!

Even school is questionable from one day to the next.

Some schools are fully open, some are completely virtual, some are only limited days…
It all changes so quickly in response to this pandemic.

Even if your school is open, do you want to send your kids? Do they want to go?

Some schools provide the option of either – now you’re faced with one kid who wants to go and one who doesn’t, and that just escalates the already chaotic environment at home.

Virtual learning is a whole new ballgame.

As if there wasn’t enough time spent looking at the phone, playing video games, posting on social media, and watching TV.

Now, they get to be online all day for school too!

And how are you dealing with whatever your child needs? Some kids self-manage just fine, but many need help with everything from internet connections to math equations.

Some have extra hurdles, like ADHD, and they need creative ideas for helping them focus and release some of their pent-up energy.

Our kids really need support during this time…

They also need to vent about whatever struggles they’re having with remote learning or their fear of going back to class.

It’s hard to handle all this change while also being isolated with parents and siblings.

Both parents and kids alike need a safe place to talk… to be open and honest and tell it how it is.

Life is extra hard these days, and we could ALL use a little help to figure it out.

Having guidance through these years and learning to express their feelings in healthy ways is essential for your child’s development.

Let’s help them adapt their understanding of what is going on in our world today and strengthen the communication at home to reduce the power struggles.

We see you and we know you’re doing the best you can with what you have.

We’re here to support you and your family.

Give us a call at (480) 485-8824 for a free consultation.

Let’s move through these obstacles together.