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Children’s Therapy

children's therapy scottsdaleIt’s often hard to know if… or when… to help.

Why is Sam lying to me about something so small? He should know if he tells the truth, I won’t be mad.

Ava is not hanging out with her friends anymore… Was she bullied? Is she depressed?

Does it seem like Jimmy is working too hard trying to please and keep up? He seems stressed and on-edge…

Your brain is probably working on overload trying to figure it out… Should I intervene? How!?

Some common issues children are facing that we can work through are…

It’s hard to make sense of emotions.

Your child can worry and have anxiety over seemingly simple things or things they may not verbalize, leaving it difficult for you to know what to say or do to help them.

Children have an especially hard time identifying their emotions while trying to navigate through life. Heck, it’s even hard for US to grasp what we’re sometimes feeling! How can we expect a youngster to know what’s going on and how to deal?

When kids don’t have a context to explore their feelings, they tend to lash out with anger, rage, down in the dirt-hurt, isolation, or other concerning behaviors.

Do you know how often we hear the word “tantrum”?

counseling for children scottsdaleThe issues kids face are BIG!

We need to realize (or remember) what it was like to be young. This is often hard for us because the challenges we now face as adults seem much more significant.

One of the most important things for children is first recognizing that the issues they face are REAL and empower them to feel what they feel.

Can you recall hearing (or saying) phrases like…

Stop Crying! Don’t talk back! Suck it up!

It’s normal. After working all day, dealing with finances and traffic, managing the household…. finding the energy to handle ALL of the emotions your child is bringing is super hard!

It’s important to surrender and take a step back. These kids need an open floor to show their emotions. We promise if you give them that space, you will be able to CONNECT with them and feel a hell of a lot better. That connection is exactly what they are needing. They are hard-wired for it!

We sometimes underestimate how important it is to intervene early.

Kids are dealing with life changes such as bullying, social issues, parent/sibling conflict, and more. Especially today, with the huge changes in their schools, sports, church, and other outlets for social engagement, children may feel lost, displaced, and alone.

And it only gets worse from here! As they grow, the challenges get harder, and they don’t just go away. Regardless of the countless positive memories and experiences they have, they can not counteract the bad experiences. They need to be worked out.

For example, if you had a bullying instance in third grade, you may grow up believing that people don’t like you, and you are not worthy. Fast-forward 20 years… imagine how that plays out.

Something seemingly small can have a huge impact. The beliefs become ingrained in how we function in everything we do – they are literally imprinted on us. If we do the work to correct those negative beliefs early on, we can make their lives much better.

best therapist for kids scottsdaleYou and your child are unique and deserving.

Every child is unique and needs a different approach – we utilize various modalities, such as play therapy, art therapy, EMDR, and DBT, to get to the root of their struggles and build them up from there.

During our therapy sessions, your child will be taught ways to understand their emotions and take back their control.

They’ll learn to ask for their needs in a way that you can understand, and they’ll be more equipped to respond positively to your requests as parents.

They’ll also learn how to better express their feelings and boundaries with others – creating room for healthy relationships.

Parents have feelings, too!

Parental feelings of guilt, shame, and exasperation are genuine. You have the world’s hardest job!

Our goal is to not only make your child feel heard, but also to provide YOU, the parents, with tools on how to connect and foster healthy communication and love within your home. We’ll be your listening ear and will be there to validate and laugh with you along the way.

Each family is different, so some days the sessions might just be with the kiddo, some days may be split half alone and half together, and some days may be just the parent(s) solo. We work hard to take into account exactly what you and your child need!

You want the best things in life for your child…

… and the trajectory we establish with them NOW will help carry them more gracefully into their teen and adult lives. You can empower your child with the right resources to be happy and successful, now and in the future.

Let’s get on the right track… together.

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