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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Chronic Pain (CBT-CP)

Dealing with chronic pain can be an all-encompassing experience and a very real part of daily life for many. In line with traditional CBT talk therapy, CBT-CP works by addressing the thoughts and behaviors that accompany physical pain so that clients may experience some relief. 

CBT-CP treatment can be utilized to help reshape the physical response in the brain that worsens pain. This happens because pain causes stress which affects chemicals in the brain, and the use of CBT skills can lessen the activity of those chemicals, so the body in turn “feels” less pain.

This treatment method is often used in combination with other methods of pain management such as medications, physical therapy, weight loss, massage, acupuncture, reiki, etc. CBT-CP is noted to be one of the most effective pain-relieving strategies that therapists can employ. (EMDR is another great modality that can be used to provide desensitization for chronic pain!)

Interested in learning if CBT-CP (or EMDR) may support you in finding some relief?