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Family Systems Therapy

Dr. Bowen’s Family Systems Theory (FST) is based on the concept of the family as a single emotional unit. Essentially, each member of a family has a role to play in the overall well-being of the family – each person is a cog in the wheel. For example, when one member of the family is angry or distant, it affects the others as well, and some members of the family may be affected more than the rest.

What is FST (Family Systems Theory)?

Family Systems Therapy works to help each member of the family understand their role within the larger entity – and how one person can impact everyone and throw off the entire group dynamic. It is essential that the entire family participate as a team when using Family Systems Therapy.

Once everyone collectively understands their own roles and their effects on each other, the family can begin to take proactive steps to grow stronger together.  Family systems therapy is a modality that can be helpful for families of all kinds.

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