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Learning Disabilities or Gifted Superpowers

Most children have some issues in school in one way or another – but when they have extra struggles learning or are brighter than their peers, they face additional challenges as well.

A Learning Disability does not mean that a child isn’t smart, but rather the wiring is non-standard so their interpretation of certain tasks is different than others. A child with a learning disability may act out in frustration, have anxiety, and feel poorly about themselves – they are also more likely to be bullied.

High-performing students also stand out against their peers and are subject to ridicule and bullying. A child with Gifted Superpowers usually has to attend advanced classes and extracurriculars causing added pressures and even perfectionism. They may fear disappointing parents/teachers if they fall lower in their studies or exams – this can cause anxiety and chronic stress. Many children with giftedness also experience a learning disability.

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