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Online Therapy

Online TherapyOnline therapy sessions are an increasingly popular option…

You’ve got a busy job, busy life, you travel regularly, you live outside the city, or you simply prefer the teletherapy option.

Maybe you’re a busy parent, and it feels impossible to get away… dealing with the hassle of finding a sitter, plus the extra money and travel time is just unreasonable. Teletherapy makes it possible… we’ve even held session with a parent in the car during their child’s soccer practice!

Maybe after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is travel across town to a therapist’s office. With teletherapy, you can do therapy from the comfort of your favorite spot on the couch.

Time, traffic, comfy clothes, don’t wanna shower… Whatever your reasons, we’ve got you covered!

Traditional therapy… right at your fingertips.

You’re probably wondering how it compares to traditional, in-person therapy. The majority of therapeutic techniques used in-person can be adapted for use on teleconference, even Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

The important thing to know is that your privacy is protected with online counseling services just the same as it would be in-person. Our online sessions are conducted via secure video conferencing that works whether you are using your computer or the internet connection on your phone.

You’ll need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with video capability and a reliable Internet connection. You should have a quiet space for some privacy with little background noise to focus and hear each other. It’s super easy – we’ll email you a link and you’ll be able to jump right into the video call.

TeletherapyReady to get started with online counseling?

If so, we’ll start with a free phone consultation where we’ll discuss your needs and devise a plan. Many clients opt for a combination of online and in-office sessions; others choose online sessions as their sole method for therapy.

Whatever works best for you, we’ll make it happen!

We offer online therapy to Arizona residents and are currently accepting new clients.

Take the first step today by calling (480) 485-8824 or submitting your initial inquiry below. Can’t wait to hear from you!