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Parent/Sibling Conflict

Familial relationships are the most difficult relationships to ever see complete bliss. Each family is so unique with its own quirks, strengths, skills and it takes constant work to ensure each individual is doing their part. It’s important that each family member is investing in the family unit.

Remember that each individual within the family unit is different. It’s important to learn how to work together and identify and accept each other for who they are. Also that it’s important to have an early intervention if the conflict is stirring between family members. Don’t wait until it gets physical – not that it will, but it can…

A sibling conflict or child-parent rivalry should be interrupted with outside support if/when it becomes so intense that one of the other begins feeling constant stress or anxiety, depression or isolation, or even forms of self-harm.

Family and/or individual therapy can help with these strained relationships.

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