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Racial Injustice

To understand racial injustice, we’ll look at the opposite term, racial justice. In a world with justice for all races, everyone would be treated equally – meaning every person, regardless of color or culture, would have access to the same opportunities and receive the same level of respect as everyone else. Unfortunately, we live in an often cruel and unkind society, and racism is one of the biggest problems.

Hate, violence, disrespect, and other acts of discrimination against people of color are rampant in our society and can cause a plethora of emotional scars. When value and dignity are put into question, issues related to self-esteem, anxiety, depression, anger, and confidence come to the surface. Acts of violence – either physical or emotional – can cause PTSD and result in other issues caused by those endured traumas.

Our counseling practice works hard to create a safe space for all. This includes open conversations on diversity, biases, and blind spots. Our therapists actively practice a willingness to listen, be open, and learn more about other cultures and communities.

At Claibourne Counseling, we offer a diverse and supportive environment for individuals navigating an unjust world.