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Self-esteem is how we view ourselves – our value and worth – and it affects our confidence levels and how we interact with others. Our self-esteem is considered a personality trait based on how we appraise our own appearance, emotions, talents, and capabilities.

If one has high self-esteem, they are likely to have healthy boundaries, express their needs, move through negative situations easily, and have an overall positive outlook on life. If one has low self-esteem, they are likely to believe they are less than others, have little boundaries, get hung up on the negatives, struggle with confidence, and have a poor outlook on life.

For such an innocent-sounding word, self-esteem is a really big deal. Many things in life can affect one’s self-esteem, but once it dips low, it can be hard to build back up. A therapist can help navigate the path to recognizing and honoring an individual’s inherent value.

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