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Strength-Based Approach

The strength-based therapy approach is one of the most common work styles as it focuses on internal strengths and resourcefulness. With the focus on identifying and amplifying an individual’s best qualities and innate strengths, this can help them begin to look at and recognize their strengths and capabilities in a different light. 

This technique is widely used for a variety of symptoms and is a great fit for anyone who wants to work on their self-esteem, is dealing with symptoms of anxiety or depression, or wants a therapist to help them learn how to solve their own difficulties. 

When starting out, your therapist will ask questions to gather information about who you are, where you think your strengths lie, and examples of times in your life when you’ve achieved success. In a strength-based approach, the client is the expert of themselves, therefore this treatment is highly individualized to the client and their goals. 

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