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What are the qualities of a good counselor?

While the qualities of the best therapist can be subjective, the most widely agreed upon qualities that a good therapist or counselor should have are:

  • Empathy – the ability to understand and share the feelings of another
  • Kindnessfriendly, generous, and considerate to others
  • Ability to be uncomfortableTherapy can be uncomfortable. There can be tears, anger, silence, confusion, or even extreme joy – all in one session.
  • Vulnerability – a willingness to share weakness and other emotions
  • Grounded – a firm understanding of self
  • Creativity – someone who thinks outside the box and is willing to take chances and be mindful to do the research for each individual client

For more info on how to find the best therapist…

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How to get started with counseling

We’ll start by arraging a free phone consultation with you an one of our trusted thereapist. You'll briefly discuss your needs and decide if you'd like to process with booking a session. Many clients opt for a combination of online and in-office sessions; others choose one or the other as their schedule demands - we offer both to suit your needs!

We offer online therapy to Arizona residents and in-person therapy for those in the Scottsdale are - and we are currently accepting new clients.

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