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What is the most common type of counseling?

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is the most basic modality that a therapist will learn in school. Talk therapy, DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) are also very common.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a method of therapy that helps one become aware of negative thinking loops so they can respond to a situation in a better way by learning to cope with stressful situations.

What Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treat?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the most common modalities used in counseling sessions today. CBT can be used to treat any of the following, but is not limited to just these.

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How to get started with counseling

We’ll start by arraging a free phone consultation with you an one of our trusted thereapist. You'll briefly discuss your needs and decide if you'd like to process with booking a session. Many clients opt for a combination of online and in-office sessions; others choose one or the other as their schedule demands - we offer both to suit your needs!

We offer online therapy to Arizona residents and in-person therapy for those in the Scottsdale are - and we are currently accepting new clients.

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