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Will my therapist tell my parents what we talk about?

The short answer is no. Your confidence and trust in your therapist are an important part of your counseling relationship.

At your first appointment, your counselor will get to know you and discuss your goals. This is also your chance to get to know them. You don’t have to share everything in your first appointment. 

What are the basic concepts of counseling?

The basic concepts of counseling are to meet someone where they’re at as they explore and create a deeper self-understanding and self-compassion. Also, to guide them through finding their voice and redefining what safety, love, and conflict resolution are and how these things correlate with everything happening in the present and the past in their lives.
Confidentiality with teens and minors stays between the therapists and the teen or minor. The only exception to this is if the teen or minor threatens to harm themselves or someone else or if the therapist’s notes are subpoenaed by law.
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How to get started with counseling

We’ll start by arraging a free phone consultation with you an one of our trusted thereapist. You'll briefly discuss your needs and decide if you'd like to process with booking a session. Many clients opt for a combination of online and in-office sessions; others choose one or the other as their schedule demands - we offer both to suit your needs!

We offer online therapy to Arizona residents and in-person therapy for those in the Scottsdale are - and we are currently accepting new clients.

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